About CAVS

What we do

We provide advice, information and support to the voluntary sector in Carmarthenshire, and offer membership to groups wishing to join the association.

CAVS Annual Report 2017-18 

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Our development and funding team help with setting up and running groups legally, and keep groups up to date with legislation and current issues affecting the voluntary sector. The team, which includes a funding advice officer, helps to find and apply for relevant project funding.

CAVS partnership team facilitate the representation of the voluntary sector on various planning forums. CAVS helps to provide mechanisms to ensure effective partnership working between appropriate agencies.

CAVS Volunteer Centre supports voluntary work, aims to raise standards for volunteers and promotes good practice, helping groups to develop policies. The centre matches local volunteering opportunities with prospective volunteers.

CAVS also provides many practical services such as loan of training equipment, and meeting room hire at the Carmarthen office.