Be More us

Be More us

A message from The Campaign to End Loneliness about their new movement – Be More Us

We want to inspire millions of people to get involved and celebrate the small things that bring us together. But, we need your help.

Please watch and share our brand new film.


What else can you do?

Join the Be More Us movement by signing up at and encourage others to do so too.

  • Inform your networks about the Be More Us movement and encourage them to take part.
  • Share any work you are doing that you feel demonstrates the values of Be More Us.
  • Share content that shows how easy it can be for people to connect using hashtag #BeMoreUs
  • Ask your supporters for tips and ideas for how we can all make connections.
  • Share photos or vox pops of examples of your senior leaders sharing small moments of connection with others as part of Be More Us.

If you have any questions about Be More Us please email:

Let’s be more open. Let’s be more together. Let’s Be More Us