Black History Wales

Black History Wales

Black History Wales 2020 will run for a full year of activity from 1 October 2020 to 30 September 2021.
This year is special, as our unique programme is moving to ‘Black History Wales’ rather than ‘Black History Month Wales’ and is a full year of activity under the Black History Cymru 365 remit that we’ve been working towards these last few years.

The overall purpose of Black History Wales is to promote a better understanding of Black History,  change perspectives on black culture, challenge inequalities experienced by many Black communities and promote respect for cultural differences. The aim of Black History Wales celebrations and programmes is to encourage everyone, irrespective of ethnicity or colour, to take part in events, learn about our shared global history and celebrate diversity and cultural understanding.

The title for this year’s programme is 2000 Nations | Celebrating Diversity | Black History Wales.
This year we highlight that people of African and Caribbean descent, originate from around 2000 different ethnic groups with a range of over 2000 languages and multiple cultural traditions. Our intention is to explore the interventions, educational achievements, innovative contributions made by people of African and Caribbean descent and to celebrate and share this rich heritage through the Arts here in Wales.

The Black History Artists online Gallery has just been launched and will feature Artists working across all Artforms, showcase their expertise and links to their latest work:

Black History Wales Launch Press Release

Black History Wales Website: