Carer Aware – focus groups for unpaid carers and professionals

Carer Aware – focus groups for unpaid carers and professionals

Carers Trust Wales and Carers Wales are working in partnership to deliver a Welsh Government funded project called ‘Carer Aware’. Together, they aim to transform the recognition, respect and support unpaid carers receive in health and social care settings.

Through the project, they will work with carers and healthcare professionals to co-produce training sessions and resources for healthcare professionals and students to support them to be better able to identify, involve and support unpaid carers.

To make sure they’re developing resources and training that are truly useful they want to understand what is already working well, what training and support is available and what additional training and resources would help both carers and professionals. To help do this they are holding 6 initial focus groups (see details below).

Each session will be just an hour and a half long and they would be really grateful to anyone able to give their time to help.

Information for participants

Focus Group 1 – For nursing and allied health professionals

10am: Monday 7 September 2020

Focus Group 2 – For doctors (of all specialties)

3pm: Monday 7 September 2020

Focus Group 3 – For unpaid carers

10am: Tuesday 8 September 2020

Focus Group 4 – For pharmacists and pharmacy staff

10am: Wednesday 9 September 2020

Focus Group 5 – For nurses and unpaid carers

2pm: Monday 21st September 2020

Focus Group 6 – for unpaid carers and all healthcare staff (including: doctors, pharmacists, allied health professionals and pharmacists)

10am: Wednesday 23rd September 2020