Carmarthenshire Carers Action Plan 2014-2017 – 03.11.14

Carmarthenshire Carers Action Plan 2014-2017

Carers provide support to sick, disabled, frail or substance misusing people.  The help they provide is unpaid.  Their Contribution to the economy and quality of life of Carmarthenshire’s citizens is enormous.  There are 24,000 Carers in the county.

The Welsh Government recently published a refreshed National Carers Strategy.  Within that strategy there is a directive that all Local Authourities should have a local strategic plan to deliver improved/better services for unpaid Carers.  The Carmarthenshire Action Plan is Carmarthenshire’s strategic plan and follows the specific areas identified within the refreshed strategy.

Please could you take some time to read the Carmarthenshire Carers Action Plan and let us know your thoughts by completing the following on-line consultation form.

The closing date for responses is 3rd November 2014.

If you have any questions regarding the Carmarthenshire Action Plan please contact Jonathan Rees on 01554 747565 or ext 3865.