Cold Calling and Internet Fraud

Cold Calling and Internet Fraud

Cold calling and internet fraud – if in doubt, keep them out!

Dyfed Powys Police is working in partnership with other agencies and our community safety partnerships to tackle the rising problem of cold calling and internet fraud.

We have seen an increase of over 100% in the reported number of these types of offences throughout the force area in 2011-12, and it is estimated that approximately 40% of victims will have lost money.

The internet is a big part of everyday life for many of us – young, old and everyone in between have embraced the technology. It has revolutionised how we obtain many services and information without having to leave our homes – but it has also made it easier for criminals to access us as individuals and our personal details. So we all need to ensure we take some basic measures to protect ourselves and our families from becoming victims of internet crime.

What to look out for and advice

Internet fraud can be in many guises, but always stay alert to ‘cold callers’. Callers could claim that there is a problem with your computer/internet or that you’ve won a significant amount of money – but if you weren’t expecting the call never enter into conversation with them, provide them with any personal details or send them any money. Never log onto your computer as a result of a cold call claiming your computer has a virus or viruses – again do not engage in dialogue on such a call.