Common Voice Project

Common Voice Project

The Common Voice Project is an attempt to create free data for speech recognition, so that machines can record, understand and respond to what you tell them.

This enables the provision of programs and machines for the blind and disabled, personal assistants, car navigation, etc. These already exist in English, the challenge now is to provide them in Welsh.

We are looking for people who speak Welsh from all over Wales, and the world to contribute. The more of a variety the machine gets, the better it can interpret what it hears.

Common Voice is available on a website and ap, it’s therefore possible to contribute anywhere and at any time. Contribution is made by reading sentences and saving them, and by verifying the contribution of others. Both elements are important.

You can use your own computer if it has a microphone and headphones / loudspeaker or can connect some to it. It is also possible to use the ap on a recent iPad or iPhone.

Common Voice Cymraeg is a partnership between Mozilla Foundation, Firefox browser maker, Language Technologies Unit, Canolfan Bedwyr, Bangor University and

To contribute, Common Voice is available at:  and the ap for iPhone and iPad from the App Store at: