CUSP – Carmarthenshire United Support project

CUSP – Carmarthenshire United Support project

What is the Carmarthenshire United Support Project (C.U.S.P)?

CUSP is a project aimed at coordinating support for people living in Carmarthenshire who are over 18 years old and not receiving care on a regular basis.

The objective is to enable them to build confidence and maintain or develop their independence. It is especially appropriate for those who are on the ‘CUSP’ of needing more formal care and support from social services.

We liaise with local charities and agencies and aim to prevent the small setbacks that can sometimes tip someone over the edge and in to the need for hospital, residential or home care packages.

Who is CUSP?

CUSP is supported by, and is a partnership between,

The British Red Cross and

Carmarthenshire County Council, Tel: 0300 333 222

Age Cymru Sir Gar, Tel : 01554 784080

Carers Trust Tel: 0300 0200002

Carmarthenshire Care and Repair, Tel: 01554 744300

Royal Voluntary Service, Tel: 01269 843819

Eiriol Tel: 01267 231122

Crossroads. Tel: 0300 0200002

Menter Cwm Gwendraeth, Tel: 01554 755994

Mid and West Wales Fire Service Tel: 0370 606 0699

CAVS. Tel: 01267 245 555

SWAIL. Tel: 01267 242610

What happens?

  • On receipt of a referral one of our experienced CUSP support workers will visit to discuss what is important to the person being referred and assist them in identifying the goals that they wish to achieve.
  •  The CUSP support worker will then consider the requirements of the person being referred and either refer on to one (or more) of our partners, other organisations or allocate a British Red Cross volunteer depending on the identified needs.
  •  CUSP will ensure that a copy of all the details held and any actions taken will be accessible in a file at the client’s home so our partners and support workers can easily access relevant information and record any updates.
  • Reviews will take place every 4 – 6 weeks to assess achievement of goals and needs for ongoing support. These reviews may take place face-to-face or by phone and will be tailored to individual circumstances

Download flyer

Download CUSP service model

If you would like to make a referral or have any comments about our service, whether we are doing well or could do better, please contact us –

Telephone: 01554 745480
Fax: 01554 771952

Or you can write to us:

Scarlet Court
Heol Aur
Dafen Park
SA14 8QN