Disabled women’s participation in economy

Disabled women’s participation in economy

Chwarae Teg is carrying out a research into disability and employment, in which we will explore the barriers that disabled women experience in their careers. The research aims to help decision makers and employers to make positive changes for disabled people in employment.

The research will conduct an online survey targeting both disabled women and men, who have been in employment, to explore common and differentiated barriers between the genders. Alongside the survey, the research will also conduct focus group discussions in Cardiff, Swansea and Wrexham. Unlike the online survey, the focus groups will be disabled women only to achieve a detailed discussion on the experiences of disabled women and the barriers specific to women.

This research is based on the Social Model of Disability.

Identifying as disabled according to the Social Model of Disability means that individuals living with impairments and/or health conditions are disabled by barriers within society and not by their impairments or differences. These barriers can be physical, like inaccessible buildings, or they can be caused by people’s negative attitudes towards disabled people, for example.

In this research, we will explore what differentiates disabled women’s experience from non-disabled women and disabled men. The research will focus on working age disabled women and men and ask about their experience in employment including self-employment. Alongside the experiences of disabled people, the research will explore the current employability support programmes, their accessibility to disabled women and the gaps in the policy frameworks.

The audience for this research are policy makers, businesses, third sector organisations and the wider public.

The survey link is:  https://chwaraeteg.com/news/ct-survey-disability-and-employment/

Links for the focus groups can be found here:

Wrexham – https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/discussing-disabled-womens-experiences-of-work-wrexham-tickets-73799326773?ref=estw

Cardiff – https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/discussing-disabled-womens-experiences-of-work-cardiff-tickets-73574540431?ref=estw