DiversiTree with Eve Howard  25.02.21

DiversiTree with Eve Howard 25.02.21

Thursday 25th February 2 – 3.30 via Zoom (details below)

Background to the project.

Diversitree.Wales & the Wood Wired Web is a virtual gallery, website and blog that emerged as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is the result of a personal journey and holistic belief that the world of art and nature belongs to the community, and that we don’t have to be ‘experts’ to take part in conversation about it.

Using a mixed media approach, the DiversiTree.Wales virtual gallery  incorporates images and soundscape in the creation of an immersive, sensory and interactive experience. It relates to nature, mental health and diversity through arts, photography and poetry – and is linked to the diversitree.wales website and blog.

There is a strong correlation between spending time immersed within the natural environment’s green spaces, which positively impacts on quality of life, resilience, and emotional health. Connecting with nature is meditative, inspirational, and transformative – and can lead to a positive state of mind and well-being which reaches deep into our sense of being and purpose in life.

DiversiTree.wales aims to promote a socially inclusive and sustainable green recovery that celebrates the ecosystem of biodiversity in humans and the natural world. It is about celebrating and valuing the distinct and diverse voices of lived experience within communities. This is key to addressing a green key recovery for all our citizens. Using this lens we can draw parallels between nature and human relationships, considering communication, cohesion and conflict, and the wellbeing of future generations.

Thursday 25th February 2 – 3.30 via Zoom

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