Donation of 6.5 million nappies to benefit thousands of disadvantaged infants

In Kind Direct, one of the Prince’s Charities, distributes all kinds of consumer products, donated by manufacturers and retailers, to charities across the UK. Products range from toiletries, cleaning products, toys, clothes, and a range of other products that charities need to run their services. Donors include Procter & Gamble, Asda, Argos, Kimberly-Clark, Disney and many others.

In Kind Direct recently received a donation of over 6.5 million nappies from global health and hygiene manufacturer, Kimberly-Clark. The nappies – equivalent to two nappies for every child aged under the age of four in the UK – will be distributed to a wide range of children’s and family charities in the UK and overseas and In Kind Direct is keen for charities in Carmarthenshire to benefit. Community nurseries, disability charities, family welfare groups, hospices, and refugee support groups are among the charities that can benefit.

In order to access the nappies and a range of other products donated by leading manufacturers and retailers, charities can register with In Kind Direct online.

Registration is free and charities pay a handling fee for each order which covers delivery and usually equates to 10-20 per cent of the retail price.

For more information, see In Kind Direct or call 020 7398 5510.