Draft Digital Strategy for Wales

Draft Digital Strategy for Wales

The Welsh Government wants to ensure people in Wales experience modern, efficient and streamlined public services and at the same time stimulate innovation in our economy and support outcomes for future generations.

We have been developing a Digital Strategy for Wales which sets out how we intend to build on this momentum to change cultures, improve skills and safeguard jobs.

Lee Waters MS, Deputy Minister for Economy and Transport is keen to take an agile and inclusive approach to developing the Digital Strategy. That is why we are releasing the draft strategy via a series of blogs: https://digitalanddata.blog.gov.wales/category/digital-strategy/.

The Strategy and its Vision are supported by six missions, listed below. For each of these missions we are setting out the outcomes we want to see and the actions we will undertake. A separate Delivery Plan will support the Strategy.

  • Digital Services: redesigning and implementing services to a new set of common digital and data standards so that they are simple, secure and convenient, improving the relationship between citizens, business and government.
  • Digital Economy: improving quality of life, sustainability and economic growth across Wales, placing digital at the heart of COVID recovery and adapting to the post-EU context.
  • Digital Skills: creating a skilled and digitally competent workforce.
  • Digital Inclusion: deliver digital services fairly and equally.
  • Digital Connectivity: with services supported by fast and reliable infrastructure.
  • Data and Collaboration: working together, using and sharing data, knowledge and resource in a manner that supports the provision of good services.

We’re really keen to hear from the third sector on what this means for you as users of services, as service providers, and for the capability and skills of the sector. Please disseminate the link to the blogs across your networks and encourage your contacts and stakeholders to feedback their thoughts on the draft Digital Strategy for Wales.

People are able to have their say by filling in the online form or commenting on the blogs.

While the Welsh Government has a leadership role in delivering the Digital Strategy for Wales, we cannot do it without partnership working and collaboration across all sectors in Wales. We would, therefore, welcome wide involvement from everyone.