Election Polling station staff

Election Polling station staff

Carmarthenshire County Council is beginning preparations for the 6th May 2021 combined Police and Crime Commissioner Elections that will take place with the Senedd Elections. The impact of COVID-19 is at the forefront of our planning and we will be focusing on ensuring that voting is safe for electors and staff.

Polling station staff are recruited and appointed by the Local Returning Officer. At this stage we are seeking interest.

The polling hours are 7am to 10pm. Staff need to arrive at the polling station at 6.15am latest to set up and be there to close down the polling station at the end of the poll. Each polling station will have a Presiding Officer who will be responsible for the overall running of the polling station and at least one Poll Clerk.  Things will look a little different this year at our polling stations but please be assured you will be provided with full training on usage of PPE and management of flow of electors to ensure social distancing

The main duties of polling staff are to:

  • act impartially at all times
  • provide assistance to voters where appropriate
  • assist with the layout of the polling station and prepare for the opening of the poll
  • issue ballot papers to voters
  • check if voters are eligible to vote
  • check and mark each voter’s number in the Register of Electors
  • Attend compulsory training and implement guidelines and instructions provided

Fees – Fees are yet to be set, however it will be in the region of:

  • Presiding Officers: £240.00 plus £30 for completing online training session
  • Poll Clerk: £185.00 plus £30 for completing online training session.

Fees are subject to tax deductions.

Training – It is essential that all polling staff participate in a training session. The training will be delivered online, however for those that have issues accessing this training, we will provide face to face training

If you are interested in applying for either position, please download and complete the attached proforma as soon as possible. Email to: ElectoralServices@carmarthenshire.gov.uk .