Health and Well-being Group \ Grŵp Iechyd a Lles

Date(s) - 23/07/2019
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Carmarthenshire 3rd Sector Health and Well-being Group


Minutes of previous meetings

Draft Minutes: 16/05/19




email  01267 245555

Background to the group:

The aims of this network are to

  • allow 3rd Sector organisations (working in the field of health and well-being) to support the implementation of the new Carmarthenshire Well-being Plan*.
  • link with the work of CUSP
  • share information on what’s happening in health and well-being in Carmarthenshire

*Under the Well-being and Future Generations Act, Carmarthenshire PSB was charged with creating a Well-being Plan for Carmarthenshire.

The actions specified in the Well-being plan are being taken forward by 4 PSB delivery groups:

  • Healthy Habits – Healthy Environment Delivery Group – Environmental & Climate Change Risk Assessment
  • Early Intervention & Prevention Delivery Group – Changing the Model of Delivery
  • Strong Connections Delivery Group – Innovative Community Assets
  • Prosperous People & Places Delivery Group – Procurement Procedures / Education & Employment

There will be representation from the 3rd sector on these delivery groups.

In order to ensure that the 3rd sector is involved in the implementation of the Well-being plan and that the 3rd sector voice is heard CAVS will set up new networks to mirror these PSB delivery groups.

These networks will allow 3rd Sector organisations to be updated on the progress of the delivery groups and to be able to feedback and input to them through CAVS and other 3rd Sector representatives.

The Health and Well-being Network is the first of these 3rd Sector networks.

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