GDPR & Cyber Security – Keeping Your Organisation Safe

GDPR & Cyber Security – Keeping Your Organisation Safe

Crundale Village Hall

9.30am – 1pm

July 16th 2018

Does your organisation hold personal information about the people you engage with?

If you do, you will need to comply with the new data protection regulations. Did you know that 80% of cyber crime is easily preventable? Don’t panic! This practical jargon free event offers two sessions covering:

  • Demystifying GDPR – implications for your organisation, tips and practical solutions Anna Bezodis, Anna Bezodis Training & Consultancy
  • Cyber Security – how to protect your organisation from computer crime Symon Kendall , TARIAN Regional Cyber Crime Unit

This is a free event, book via Eventbrite – limited places available Or for further information email or phone 01437 769422.