gofod3 Stadiwm Dinas Caerdydd | 21 Mawrth 2019

gofod3 Stadiwm Dinas Caerdydd | 21 Mawrth 2019

Registration for gofod3, the biggest annual event for the third sector in Wales, is now open! This year we’ll be setting up shop in Cardiff City stadium on 21 March 2019 – please join us to celebrate the third sector in Wales and get together with a diverse mix of people effecting change across the country.

Spend a day away from the desk networking and problem solving with more than 600 other visitors from leading charities and voluntary groups from across Wales.

You can use your time at gofod3 to learn about improving your brand, mission-led marketing, have your say on hot topics such as public trust and public sector procurement, deepen your understanding of funding streams and fundraising, work out what on earth is going on with Brexit – or just cruise around the many useful and topical sessions curated by WCVA in partnership with the sector.

This year we’ll be introducing Safbwynt in the gofod3 theatre – quick-fire lectures giving perspectives on topics including kindness and leadership.

Finally, we’re using the event to highlight some of the amazing work the third sector is doing to support people in Wales – please get in touch with us if you have an inspirational story or an example of some innovative work you’d like to share with the sector.

gofod3 is our space to inspire, motivate and innovate. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to think, learn and collaborate with your peers in the third sector.

Register for free at www.gofod3.cymru