Great Place Scheme

Great Place Scheme

The Great Place Scheme will fund in areas which are committed to embed heritage and culture as a core part of local plans and decision-making. By strengthening the connections between heritage, civic and community organisations, by involving people, projects will enhance the role that heritage and culture plays in the future of each place participating in the Scheme. In time this will lead to the social and economic benefits that heritage and culture can achieve.

This is a pilot scheme. It will fund activities which can be built on in the future, and whose learning can be shared with other places.


The Great Place Scheme will enable heritage and cultural organisations to make a step-change in how they work together, and with organisations in other sectors, in order for heritage and culture to contribute more to meeting local social and economic objectives.

What will the Great Place Scheme do?

The Great Place Scheme will invest in between five and eight places across Wales to achieve the following:

  • Build on existing partnerships within the heritage and cultural sectors in order to maximise their positive social and economic contribution
  • Build new partnerships to realise this contribution and to lever resources into the sector to support that
  • Develop partnerships between the heritage sector and place-based initiatives operating in Wales to mutual benefit so that the contribution of the sector and future potential for greater collaboration is recognised in and supported by long-term plans and strategies for the area and communities

The Scheme will enable places across Wales to put heritage and culture at the heart of the future vision for their area.

In order to apply for this Scheme, you must submit an Expression of Interest by midday 14 August 2017