Standards for Health – Third Sector ‘How To’ guide

Standards for health services in Wales

In April 2011, the Welsh Assembly Government issued National Minimum Standards for Independent Healthcare Services in Wales. These are almost identical to the Standards for Health Services from which they are derived. The national minimum standards apply to all organisations that must register with Healthcare Inspectorate Wales which will include Third Sector Organisations such as hospices and palliative care services.

Since your board/trustees have a key role in the process of assurance and monitoring, it is essential to involve them from the outset in the self assessment process.

‘How to’ guide for the Third Sector

This ‘how to’ guide will equip you with information and tools needed to assess your service using the Standards. It has been designed purposely to enable Third Sector organisations to take a proportionate approach to the Standards for Health Services, using them alongside other quality standards and systems that are already in use.

Download the ‘How To’ guide

What are the ‘Standards for Health Services?

Doing Well, Doing Better – Standards for Health Services in Wales were published on 1st April 2010. There are 26 standards covering all aspects of service delivery, quality and safety (governance) which help services to focus on continuous improvement, and ensure that they are “doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right client in the right place and with the right staff”.

The Standards for Health Services have been designed to support all organisations which provide health services and care, to work towards providing consistently higher standards of care. Health Boards and Trusts must assure themselves of the quality and services provided on their behalf by any partners – including the Third Sector. Using and meeting the Standards for Health Services helps the Third Sector to demonstrate the quality and safety of their services in a way that is consistent with the NHS.

All NHS funded services, and those required to register with Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW) should use and meet the Standards for Health Services and/or the National Minimum Standards for Independent Health Care Services in Wales. They are designed to be used alongside professional and other service standards and are not meant as a replacement for other standards. The Standards for Health Services can be particularly useful for organisations and services who do not use other Standards or quality assurance systems.

Download the Standards for Health

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