This is a position designed for people who struggle to hold a full-time employment due to mental or physical disablement (could also serve the homeless). Kindajob is an initiative facilitated by The Missing Kind charity, the pilot for which will be launched at our new facility near Pencader.

The charity is kick-starting the initiative in Wales, with a real job-share vacancy, an office administrator position. Creating 3 part-time administration positions of 2 days, (15 hours), each paid a living wage rate, for a contract period of 4 months. The roles will require a mix of office skills, including support for Social Enterprise development. Initial applicants will need to travel to our base at KindaVillage near Pencader, SA39 9LX.

The team of 3 will be job-trained in all aspects of the vacancy and will support each other in the event of inability to work

We are looking for these 3 people, and others so motivated to pioneer this project and help develop a co-operative. Then with the help of like-minded volunteers create an employment agency for those in similar circumstances. Our Values are based on sustainable impact, to build confidence and self-worth, creating purposeful flexible opportunities to deliver social impact to the local community.

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