#LockdownLoyalty – Community Recognition

#LockdownLoyalty – Community Recognition

Carmarthenshire Association of Voluntary Services
Community Recognition

This campaign is closed for new nominations – thank you to everyone who participated.

CAVS are launching a new campaign today to recognise the incredible service that some shops etc have provided during lock down. Since measures have been lifted, even slightly, some of us are returning to the larger supermarket chains for our grocery shopping instead of continuing to support our local stores. We want to take the moment to identify those who delivered when others couldn’t, who found the gluten free flour, who kept us is fresh fruit and veg … some additional promotion for them and a huge THANK YOU, from us.

See the current list of Lockdown Loyalty Legends

We all know that Carmarthenshire is strengthened by the kindness of its residents stepping up to do something special – something out of the ordinary to support one another.
A huge part of this kindness has also come from our local shops, services, and small businesses who have gone the extra mile to ensure that everyone has felt supported and received what was needed.
Now is the time for us to acknowledge this #LockDownLoyalty and to recognise and celebrate these many acts of kindness.

If a local service has made a difference to you, someone you know or to your community through their kind actions this is your opportunity to ‘capture that moment’ and say ‘Thank You’.

Share your story with us #LockdownLoyalty #WeSaluteYou
Contact: Jamie.Horton@cavs.org.uk

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