Measuring the Mountain Reports published!

Measuring the Mountain Reports published!

After 18 months of activity, Measuring the Mountain is thrilled to have published their reports showcasing findings from the stories they gathered and the incredible work of their Citizens’ Jury.

The story-gathering report outlines findings from 520 stories, highlighting key themes and trends that relate to the five principles of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014.  Using example stories throughout, the report covers 14 themes, and discusses some of the factors that contribute to people’s experiences being positive or negative.

You can find the full report here –

The Report of an Online Citizens’ Jury is the culmination of the amazing work undertaken by 14 Jurors (members of the public) in September 2020 – 16 recommendations that span policy, people, process and practice.

They include creating a Disabled People’s Commissioner, establishing a task force to explore introducing Universal Basic Income and improving representation at all levels of the care and support sector.

You can read the full report and all the recommendations here –

MtM has also published over 450 of the stories they gathered.  They demonstrate the complexity of many people’s lives, and highlight both the good and the bad that people experience.  It is hoped that these stories will prove a valuable resource to those working in and around the care and support sector.

You can find the story database here –

MtM is now drawing to a close and officially ends on December 31st 2020.  The work of the project would not have been possible without the generous contributions of people across Wales sharing their stories, inviting MtM to events, telling people about the project and participating in the Citizens’ Jury.

In January, will have a new look, and will be a showcase of the project’s work, all their findings and their reports.  The website will remain live until 2026 and everyone is encouraged to make use of the wealth of information housed there.  It can be used for training, research, reflecting on practice or simply to understand more about the day to day experiences of people across Wales.

An enormous thank you to all who supported MtM and made this fantastic endeavour possible.