National Milestones consultation

National Milestones consultation

Does your organisation have a view on the Welsh Government’s approach to setting the National Milestones? We are gathering sector views, particularly around:

  • Do the proposed smaller set of Indicators against which National Milestones will be set represent sufficiently the diversity of work that the third sector supports?
  • Can the third sector provide data or insights to help inform how the National Milestones could be measured? (And is there anything stopping us from gathering and sharing that data e.g. lack of integration, funding etc?)
  • How can we ensure that the role of the third sector in helping achieve NI 23 – Percentage who feel able to influence decisions affecting their local area – is captured and understood?
  • Is NI 21 – Percentage of people in employment – painting the full picture or does this need to be reframed to include reference to fair work or the Real Living Wage?
  • And much more!

Please email before 22 March with your thoughts or to set up a chat.  

Save the Date! You can also join a Welsh Government webinar on the National Milestones consultation on 27 March. More details here.