National Wool Museum’s Exhibition of Hope.

National Wool Museum’s Exhibition of Hope.

Create your part in the National Wool Museum’s Exhibition of Hope.

These are unprecedented and challenging times for everyone, and we hope you’re keeping safe and well. Creativity and a sense of community can support us through this time of isolation, so we’re inviting you to join us in creating an exhibition for the National Wool Museum: The Exhibition of Hope.

We’re hoping you’ll contribute to the making of a giant rainbow blanket that will be stitched together by our volunteers and exhibited at the National Wool Museum when we reopen. Each contributor is asked to create an 8” or 20cm square, in any way you like, whether that be for example, knitted (in any stitch), crocheted or woven, in any colour. Following the exhibition, smaller blankets will be created from the giant rainbow blanket and donated to various charities.

We also know that just like families across the world, children up and down the Nation have been creating rainbows and putting them as symbols of hope in their windows. We would love to display some of them as part of the exhibition too! Photos of the rainbows will be will be donated to People’s Collection Wales <> at the end of the exhibition.

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Please note the National Wool Museum will only be accepting squares and rainbows when the Museum has reopened so please keep your creations safe for now. We will update the website and social media pages when the Museum has reopened.

Take care, stay safe and thank you for taking part.