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NewLink Wales Training

Upcoming courses 2017-18

Free, fully funded spaces on all courses for workers in cardiff & the vale only.
For workers outside of cardiff and vale, a £70 course cost applies.

Ketamine Harm Reduction

16th October 2017, 13th March 2018

This course examines one of Britain’s most popular recreational drugs. We look at raising awareness, and take an in-depth look at harm reduction practices that can be applied. We also explore the risks, harms and dangers associated with Ketamine use.

Advanced Substance Misuse

31st October 2017, 4th December 2017, 16th January 2018, 5th February 2018, 26th March 2018 

This course is aimed at people who have completed NewLink Wales’ Substance Misuse Awareness course, and may also be suitable for others who already have some knowledge of substance misuse. The course will include information on the most commonly misused drugs and their effects, practical activities for methods of drug use, how to minimise the harm to those using substances, the recovery concept and how to put this into practice.

Mephedrone Awareness and Harm Reduction

16th November 2017, 5th March 2018

Mephedrone, M-Cat, Meow Meow or Plant: the problematic drug. On this course, we take an in-depth look at Mephedrone, exploring what Mephedrone does to the human body and the risks associated with using it. We also look at harm reduction steps that can be taken to ensure risks are minimised.

Ecstasy Harm Reduction

21st November 2017

The course will provide a comprehensive look at harm reduction techniques associated with Ecstasy use. It will examine side effects of Ecstasy use and the rise in popularity of New Psychoactive Substances use that is disguised behind the MDMA tag.

Cannabis Harm Reduction

30th November 2017, 8th March 2018 (9:15-16:00)

This course aims to raise awareness around the effects of using Cannabis. The course will outline the methods of use and risks associated for users and the wider community. It will identify the different forms of cannabis and the strength of THC within these forms. It will also discuss harm reduction techniques and apply them in brief interventions.

Boundaries and Confidentiality

8th December 2017, 22nd January 2018, 19th March 2018 (9:15-16:00) This course sets out to assist with maintaining professional boundaries within the working environment. It has been developed for staff that work closely with individuals within their organisations. It shows the importance of developing an appropriate relationship that does not run the risk of exploiting power, or yielding inappropriate power to an individual.

Substance Misuse Awareness 

11th December 2017, 31st January 2018, 28th February 2018, 27th March 2018

This course aims to bring a broad understanding about substance misuse and the impact that it has on individuals. It covers the most commonly misused categories of substances, the  effects of alcohol and the risks associated with alcohol misuse. It also examines different patterns of substance misuse and different types of service provision.

Image and Performance Enhancing Drugs (IPEDs) (Free to workers in ALL areas)

23rd January 2018

This course has been developed in partnership with Public Heath Wales and aims to bring an understanding about Image and Performance Enhancing Drug use and the impact that these can have on individuals. The course covers the following, the main categories of IPEDs, motivations for use, how they are used and their risks, and understanding how to engage with IPED users.

Wellbeing training 

25th January 2018, 1st March 2018

This course is suitable for professionals who wish to develop an awareness of wellbeing, and how to incorporate wellbeing into the work environment and home life. We look at developing an awareness of stress management techniques and take a holistic approach to wellbeing and the associated health benefits. You will gain an awareness of how lack of wellbeing can affect work performance and add to work related stress. In addition, you will learn how to support your own wellbeing and that of your colleagues.
New Psychoactive Substances

15th February 2018

The course aims to explore the constantly evolving market for new psychoactive substances. By the end of the course, participants will be able to identify what is meant by the variety of terms used to describe new psychoactive substances, recognise the effects and risks and examine the role of the internet in the new psychoactive market. It will also examine the legal position and identify possible future changes. Lastly it will explore harm reduction techniques and treatment options.

Hepatitis Understanding

15th March 2018

The aim of this course is to increase knowledge and awareness about Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C to improve the provision of support to those affected. By the end of the course participants will be able to explain the differences between Hepatitis B and C and have an understanding about the ways in which Blood Borne Viruses can be transmitted. They will be able to analyse methods and actions that can reduce the risks of harm and be able to identify the fears, stigma and social issues around Hepatitis B and C.

NewLink Wales Training Team: All of our trainers are experienced practitioners who have worked directly with individuals who misuse substances and are qualified assessors.

Venue: NewLink Wales, Meridian Court, North Road, Cardiff, CF14 3BE