Not The Welsh Charity Awards

Not The Welsh Charity Awards

WCVA is dedicating all of October to the amazing work of voluntary organisations and volunteers across Wales with our exciting #NotTheWelshCharityAwards campaign.

This will be in place of our annual Welsh Charity Awards which are the main national awards for voluntary organisations in Wales. The awards aim to celebrate, raise the profile and highlight the incredible importance of the voluntary sector in Wales. Sponsored by Class Networks last year – we have sadly have taken the decision to cancel this year due to the pandemic.

Instead, WCVA is looking for 1 minute videos from individuals explaining how a charity or volunteer has helped them. We’ll be sharing your videos using the hashtag #NotTheWelshCharityAwards throughout October, and the sooner you submit, the sooner we can tell the world about your chosen ‘nominee’ and get singing their praises.

Our #NotTheWelshCharityAwards campaign will feature examples of voluntary organisations’ brilliant work throughout 2020. Please share videos or experiences using the hashtag #NotTheWelshCharityAwards.

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