People Speak Up Current Projects

People Speak Up Current Projects

During these challenging times, we are adapting our projects!

Young People Speak Up

Weekly creative gatherings for ages 11-18  on Google Hangout every Thursday at 6pm. A time and place to find your voice, talk through issues that interest and matter to you. We will have guests and a creative team to lead you through this fun and expressive time with People Speak Up.

Story Care & Share

Weekly well-being gatherings for  ages 18+  to investigate stories through poetry, creative writing and storytelling. Every Wednesday at 11.30 am on Zoom Meetings.

Stories By Phone (also all digital platforms)

If you are feeling isolated and you live alone, please get in touch and a professional storyteller will call you up and gift you with a traditional story! Or you may want to gift someone else!

Spoken Word Saturday

2nd Saturday of every month we will be digitally sharing offerings from our Spoken Word Community Live & pre-recorded! Through Facebook live @peoplespeakup

If you would like to send in a contribution, please get in touch!

Creative Letters of Kindness

We are inviting letters of kindness to older people that are living alone or in residential care homes, if you would like to create a letter, please get in touch and we will make the match!

To get more info or get involved: Please contact Eleanor Shaw at people Speak Up or follow us on Insta, Twitter, FB @peoplespeakup .
If you would like to join in, we can help you set up the apps on your device or if you don’t have a device, we can phone you on your mobile or landline! We will find a way!