Race Equality First An Audience with…  Colin Heyman

Race Equality First An Audience with… Colin Heyman

Event 1 of 3: An Audience with… Colin Heyman

Friday 9th April 2021 1pm – 2pm


Race Equality First (REF) will host their first event in the An Audience with… series that takes a deeper dive into equality matters, looking specifically at racism in the workplace, creating inclusive cultures, challenging behaviours, privilege, positive action and allyship, as well as how to be personally anti-racist. REF deliver Racism, Bias, Discrimination and Hate Crime training to organisations in all sectors that touch on these topics. These events are for those who have received this training, or similar, and would like to learn more about EDI matters in the workplace, and those who are looking to insight genuine, long-lasting change.

The event will include a 15-20min Q&A with our guest speaker where we will encourage our audience to post relevant questions in the chat throughout the event. A selection will be read out to our speaker by the hosts in the Q&A section. We ask all attendees to keep their microphones on mute and their cameras off throughout the entirety of the event.

Attendees must be a representative from an organisation and register with their workplace email address.

REF are delighted to welcome EDI expert Colin Heyman for this special event – How to Address Race Inequality in the Workplace and The Powerful Art of Good Allyship at Work

Colin Heyman has written two fantastic articles for fairplaytalks.com – The Powerful Art of Good Allyship at Work and How to Address Race Inequality in the Workplace. Colin will discuss both these articles in more detail which covers topics such as; the power of privilege and why it’s important to be an ally, moving to action and anti-racist models, examining white privilege and good practice workplace actions, racism at work and micro-aggressions, inclusive cultures and steps your organisation can make to create long-lasting change.