Review of Community and Town Council Sector in Wales

Review of Community and Town Council Sector in Wales

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About Community and Town Councils

  • Community and town councils are the grassroots level of local governance in Wales.
  • There are over 735 Community and Town Councils in Wales, but not every community has a council.
  • Community and Town Councils raise money through taxation (precepts) to carry out activities and services for your community.
  • The job of your council is to represent the interests of the whole community – and to represent the interests of different parts of the community equally.
  • Community and town councils can use their legal powers to provide many services from community centres to buses. They also provide services in partnership with other bodies.

Independent Review Panel

An Independent Review Panel has been set up to consider the future role of Community and Town Councils.

The review will:

  • explore the potential role of local government below Local Authority councils, drawing on best practice
  • define the most appropriate model(s)/structure(s) to deliver this role
  • consider how these models and structures should be applied across Wales. This will include consideration of any situations in which they would not be necessary or appropriate.

The review is expected to take around a year.

The Panel want to hear your views…

The Panel are keen to hear all views – from Community and Town Councils themselves, from the communities they serve, from the people they work with, from areas that have councils and areas that don’t. They want your thoughts on:

Q) What should Community and Town Councils be responsible for?

Q) How should they operate?

Q) What’s standing in their way to deliver for the local community?

Q) How do councils ensure they best represent their local community?

Share your views with the Panel.