Reopening and Recovery

Reopening and Recovery

COVID-19 – Can we hold our charity AGM?

The Governance Institute (ICSA) has published new guidance on re-opening for charity trustees.

Welsh Government  Safe use of multi-purpose community centres (COVID-19) new guidance published 27.08.20

TSSW Guidance for Community Centres reopening in Wales updated 26.08.20
This guidance is for community centres based in Wales to provide you with a brief overview of how to prepare for restarting your services when it is permissible to do so.

Hall Management Risk Assessment

5 Steps to Safely Re-Open Your Business, which contains a useful Checklist which could be used or adapted in community centres 

Free bilingual templates and posters to print off and display which include “Catch it, Bin, Kill it”; “Hand Sanitisers”; “Hygiene Notice”; “Entry Only”; “Maximum 2 people”; “No entry”; “Contactless payment”.

Five Simple Steps for Collecting Visitor’s Personal Details for Contact Tracing, which explains how you protect customer and visitor details. 

We will be updating this page regularly with new information