Shelter Cymru – new training programme

Shelter Cymru – new training programme

We are pleased to announce our new training programme for Shelter Cymru!!

We are offering a wide range of training courses throughout Wales providing delegates with a head start in policy and practice or simply brushing up on current skills.  We are known for the quality and variety of our training and our trainers have a wealth of practical knowledge and experience in their field.

Anti-social Behaviour Solutions: Law & Practice: South Wales, 28th June

Homelessness Law in Wales: An essential introduction: South Wales, 25th July: North Wales, 3rd October

Homelessness decisions: effective challenges: South Wales, 15th August: North Wales, 4th November

Mental Health and Homelessness: South Wales, 5th September

Harassment and Illegal Eviction: South Wales, 12th September

Prisoners: Homelessness and Housing: North Wales, 5th November: South Wales, TBC

Have a look at the courses outlined above in further detail by the following link to our web site for further information!

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