Skanda Vale Food Programme

My name is Sister Ally and I’m contacting you from Skanda Vale Monastery in South West Wales.

Here at Skanda Vale we have a growing food aid programme and each year we are given more food than we can utilise which we re-distribute to those who need it. I am currently attempting to contact all our local food banks and charities to see whether people would be interested in receiving food from us.

We have a surplus of food available that is all donated to us by those who visit the monastery. We have a wide variety of food but mainly rice, various pulses, nuts, spices and some tinned foods (mainly chickpeas).

We also, from time to time have things like mayonnaise, various chocolate products and snack items (these items change/vary depending on what we are given) given to us to re-distribute.

We also distribute a large amount of potatoes and onions.

We ask that you come and pick up the food if possible, as for when, it’s as frequently as you need.

If you would like to check out our website for a better overall picture of our food aid programme please visit

Contact Sister Ally on