Some important news about PQASSO

Some important news about PQASSO

On Monday 3 December 2018, PQASSO will be changing its name. PQASSO will become “Trusted Charity” and the PQASSO Quality Mark will become “Trusted Charity Mark”.

Trusted Charity was chosen, as it was identified as reflecting the needs of the sector, and also to provide assurance to stakeholders outside the sector that participating charities are eager to warrant their effectiveness.

As a result of the changes, the decision was made that the Trusted Charity Standard and Quality Mark will only now be available to registered charities. We want to re-assure those charity organisations who are currently progressing through self-assessment or external assessment that they will be awarded the Trusted Charity Mark. Those organisations who are current PQASSO achievers can continue to use, and benefit, from their quality mark until its expiry date, and if you have been awarded your PQASSO Quality Mark since June 1st, 2018, you may replace your PQASSO Quality Mark logo with the new Trusted Charity Mark logo.



What is happening and when?

  • Change of name from PQASSO to Trusted Charity – December 2018
  • Launch of a new free online tool ‘Trusted Essentials’ – helping you to understand how to improve the governance and management of your organisation – December 2018
  • Trusted Charity to be accredited – Early 2019

What does this mean for your organisation?

  • Going forward, the Trusted Charity Mark will only be available to registered charities.
  • If you are already undertaking an assessment for the PQASSO Quality Mark you will be able to continue and be awarded the PQASSO Quality Mark. You will then hold that mark until its expiry.
  • In the same fashion, Non-charity current achievers can continue using PQASSO Quality Mark until their award expires (three years after it has first been awarded.)
  • Charity organisations who have been awarded the PQASSO Quality Mark since June 1st 2018 will have the option to have their certificate upgraded to the new branding for the Trusted Charity Mark.
  • Neither the content of PQASSO 4th edition will be changing, nor the process as currently carried out.