Survey now open: can you help prevent domestic abuse in Wales?

Survey now open: can you help prevent domestic abuse in Wales?

A survey is now open for adults who live or work in Wales and have witnessed domestic abuse or its warning signs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The survey forms part of vital domestic abuse research being delivered by The Wales Violence Prevention Unit and University of Exeter, investigating the experiences and behaviours of those who witness or have concerns about domestic violence and abuse and its warning signs during COVID-19.

The research team is asking members of the Welsh public to anonymously share their experience of witnessing or having concerns about domestic abuse during the pandemic, so bystanders can be equipped with the right knowledge, skills and training necessary to safely intervene and help more people in the future.

Using results from the survey, the research team will explore whether, as a result of lockdown and social distancing restrictions, different people, such as healthcare workers, delivery drivers, neighbours and colleagues in virtual meetings, have found themselves in the position of ‘bystander’, possibly for the first time, and how they behaved as a result.

Lara Snowdon, Public Health Lead for the Wales Violence Prevention Unit, Public Health Wales, said: “Our ambition is for this research to improve knowledge of bystander experiences and behaviours during the COVID-19 pandemic. This will be an invaluable source of insight which can be used to inform policy and prevention strategies.

“Equipping members of the public with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely intervene when they are witness to, or have concerns about, abuse, is a vital piece of the puzzle in preventing domestic violence and abuse.”

If you believe you have been witness to – or have had concerns about – domestic abuse or any of its warning signs during the pandemic, then the research team is keen to hear from you.

Please visit and follow the link to download the Participant Information Sheet, before deciding whether to take part in the survey.