REMINDER The Big Lunch 03.06.2018

REMINDER The Big Lunch 03.06.2018

You may have heard about The Big Lunch / Y Cinio Mawr ; it’s the UK’s annual get-together for neighbours and aims to bring people and communities together to celebrate connections and commonality. An idea invented by the Eden Project and made possible by the National Lottery, The Big Lunch has grown from fewer than a million people taking part in 2009 to 9.3 million people across the UK in 2017!

Over 350,000 people from every corner of Wales joined us to celebrate community, commonality and friendship in2017 – that’s an incredible 12% of the Welsh population! The Big Lunch will happen in streets, parks and community spaces, all across the UK, on 3 June2018! Evidence shows that bringing neighbours together for a Big Lunch is not only fun, it also binds community spirit. The Big Lunch is good for communities because:

  • 87% of people participating feel better about where they live
  • 91% immediately felt closer to their neighbours
  • 80% feel a stronger sense of community
  • 58% feel The Big Lunch brings different ethnic backgrounds together
  • 91% believe it brings different generations together
  • 94% believe The Big Lunch will have a positive effect on their community

The Big Lunch can also be an opportunity for groups to gather more interested in a project, recruit volunteers, engage the wider community or even fundraise. Voluntary Councils can play a huge part in enabling communities to make their Big Lunch happen.

How can you help?

  1. People interested in organising their own Big Lunch can sign up for a FREE Big Lunch pack with loads of tips and ideas to get them started.
  2. Spread the word through newsletters, events, website and social media using #TheBigLunch  and @EdenCommWales (I can provide photos/content/copy if helpful)
  3. Why not host your own Big Lunch as an organisation? Do let me know if you do this and I can share with my network too!

Lowri Jenkins:
” I’m here to help – if you have any questions, would like more information or help with anything related to The Big Lunch, then please get in touch –
You can also find out more about our research on the value of Connected Communities here. “