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Third Sector Support Wales partners pledge support for the UK Charity Governance Code

Third Sector Support Wales (TSSW) partners, a network of support for the third sector across Wales, have signed up to the principles of the UK Charity Governance Code.

Good governance is fundamental to ensuring charities operate effectively and to high standards. The Charity Governance Code is a practical tool to help trustee boards to assess and strengthen their own governance practices. It enables and supports compliance with the law and relevant regulations and promotes a culture that enables charities to deliver their vision in line with their governing document.

Through our day-to-day development work Third Sector Support Wales partners see that many of the challenges encountered by charities and voluntary organisations have their roots in governance issues. From financial crises, safeguarding issues and personnel problems, to risk management and setting organisational strategy, clear governance arrangements are central to helping charities and voluntary organisations to navigate through everyday challenges.

Public trust in charities

Recent high-profile media reports about safeguarding and standards of conduct threaten public trust in charities, placing increasing pressure on standards of governance, and shaping the regulatory environment charities operate in. This creates new risks, challenges and opportunities, and it is crucial that trustee boards, together with staff teams and volunteers, have the knowledge and skills to provide effective leadership.

Signing up to the Charity Governance Code

The Charity Governance Code is based on seven key principles that support good governance:

  1. Organisational purpose
  2. Leadership
  3. Integrity
  4. Decision making, risk and control
  5. Board Effectiveness
  6. Diversity
  7. Openness and accountability

Signing up to the Code is entirely voluntary and free of charge and makes a positive commitment as part of an annual report or statement on your website. The Code can be used to review governance arrangements, identify gaps, and improve practice.

Carl Cooper, Chief Executive of Powys Association of Voluntary Organisations (PAVO) said:

‘As part of our governance development programme, we have used the UK Charity Governance Code as a framework for 30-minute development sessions at the beginning of board meetings. These have proved effective in that they enable trustees to test the extent to which good practice is reflected in their organisation. It has resulted in our changing some of our practices and consolidating others. The feedback from our trustees has been positive and encouraging.’

You can find out more about the Code on the Charity Governance Code website.

About Third Sector Support Wales

Third Sector Support Wales is a network of support organisations for the whole of the third sector in Wales. It consists of the 19 local and regional support bodies across Wales, the County Voluntary Councils (CVCs), and the national support body, WCVA (Wales Council for Voluntary Action).

The CVCs and WCVA provide information, learning and development, and guidance on good governance including a suite of resources for trustees. Contact us by visiting thirdsectorsupport.wales.