CHANGES to the Volunteering Wales website >> Information Session

CHANGES to the Volunteering Wales website >> Information Session

If your organisation uses the website to advertise for volunteers – take note!

You’re more than welcome to register and start adding your opportunities now by visiting the new website –

We are encouraging organisations to post as many opportunities as possible before the site ‘goes live’ in April, so that there is plenty of content to attract volunteers who are looking to volunteer.

If you have opportunities on the existing Volunteering Wales site these need to be re-entered. Start, obviously, with the most important ones. If you have many and would like admin support in posting information, WCVA can help over the next month or two. Contact Gavin Wilson on

How to find out more

CAVS are holding an information session on Tuesday April 10th at CAVS office, in Carmarthen between 1pm-3.30pm, please feel free to drop in for further information about the new site along with support to register and add opportunities.

A public demo site is also available Feel free to give it a try.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Fflur on 01267 245555 or email