Volunteers Needed

Volunteers Needed

Charitable hands, brains and hearts this way….

Like to join us and make a difference? Not sure where you can fit in right? You can! There are many opportunities in our dedicated Admin Team, in Community Maintenance, IT & Media, Marketing, Social Enterprise Support, Social Impact, Fund Raising, Eco-Team, Well Being and Entertainment, Resource Marketers, to name a few, or you may have your own passion which we can integrate. Our charity is focused on supporting those with a passion for social impact. The overall concept of the Missing Kind is a pragmatic one so we can serve the passions of many sectors and we take a ground that can best serve these sectors, penetrating the mechanisms that we often most dislike so we may influence change from within, starting with compromise, not purism, although we support the drive towards that goal.

A unique opportunity to help pioneer this landmark project, have purposeful fun, meet some amazing people.

Fancy yourself as a pioneer, give Hugh a call 07889182924 or Please email us at emese@kindavillage.org

Check us out at https://kindavillage.org/