WCVA’s Governance Health Check

Anna Lewis, Legal Services Officer at WCVA, explains how WCVA’s governance health check can help you to find out.

There won’t be many people who haven’t noticed the increased amount of media attention in recent months on whether voluntary organisations are being run as they should be. This may have shaken public confidence in the third sector a little, but it is important that people appreciate that instances of bad practice are rare rather than the norm.

At WCVA we appreciate that it is the trustees running Wales’ 30,000+ voluntary organisations that are now under increased pressure to show that their organisation is well run and working towards the purpose for which it was established. We know that the majority of organisations in the third sector are doing a fantastic job, and we want to help trustees ensure that they are working in the best possible way, as this will help to reassure funders, stakeholders and the public at large.

WCVA’s governance health check is a self-assessment tool which has been designed in accordance with the principles set out in Good governance: a code for the third sector in Wales. While the primary purpose of completing this self-assessment is to assist trustee boards to work towards adhering to the principles of the above code, it should also help boards of any size to demonstrate their good governance practices to regulators, funders, beneficiaries and stakeholders.

At the moment we are piloting the health check, and we would encourage all trustee boards to complete it and then feedback to us how they found the process. While it is to be completed as a self assessment exercise, WCVA and your local County Voluntary Council or Volunteer Centre will be on hand to help with any governance points that the health check may have shown that you need to address.

Download your copy of the governance health check now.

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