Your Rights, Direct Payments & the Act

Your Rights, Direct Payments & the Act

The All Wales Forum of Parents and Carers of People with Learning Disabilities presents to you a short film ‘Your Rights, Direct Payments & the Act’.

Over the last 2 years, the All Wales Forum has been travelling across Wales to speak with parents & carers about their rights under the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act. This is the first piece of legislation of its kind that really puts carers at the heart of it. This Act has given more rights and responsibilities to families but has also implemented new duties on local authorities.

We believed it was important to make sure carers in Wales were made aware of this Act and how it affects them. Unfortunately, we couldn’t reach every carer in the country so we decided to create a short film highlighting what we believe to be the most important parts of the Act that are most relevant to you. In this film you will hear from two carers discussing their experience of the Act, how becoming aware of their rights has affected them and the changes they have made as a result.

We still believe it is so important you make some time to look into this Act. This film is a very brief overview. We understand going through a piece of Welsh Government legislation can be time consuming and as carers that is not time that you can necessarily afford. We have added some helpful links at the end of the film which take you to the pages of Welsh Government & Social Care Wales where you can find summary’s or easy read versions of this Act.

We have loved meeting many of you whilst we have been on the road and for those of you we didn’t get to meet, we encourage you to watch this film and take the time to make yourself aware of what rights you have. It’s time to get the Act together for You.